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Marketing Management
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Financial Controls

Financial controls are standards AFS can establish within a financial process that are intended to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of financial data as well as compliance with policies and regulations. In addition, AFS expertise helps to prevent or detect erroneous or inappropriate transactions. Virtually all financial processes, like acquisitions, cash receipts handling, and billing, have significant impact on a company. The goal of having a strong system of financial controls is to promote your company's ability to reach its objectives. AFS will help you meet that goal.

Marketing Management

Marketing is the task of turning the community's needs into profitable opportunities. It is so basic to a company's operations, it cannot be assumed. Planning is everything to successful marketing. Every company should have its plan, but for many companies their plans just don't work. Why isn't it working? Ask AFS how to find the right answers.

Change Management

Organizations worldwide are confronting more turbulent markets, more demanding shareholders, and more discerning customers, and many are restructuring to meet such challenges. Their success in making the changes required depends much on the quality of their leadership -- not only at the top of the organization but also among all managers responsible for operating results. AFS knows that leadership can make a great difference, and AFS knows that its importance for organizational success is intensifying.

Accounting Systems

Quality Customer Support is the key to success in the accounting systems consulting industry, and AFS is proud to boast the best support in the market. We offer the knowledge, attitude, and desire to quickly solve any problems that might arise. The need has arisen for consulting services, whether developing an in-house solution, deciding on a particular package, or implementation after the sale. These services are offered and quoted on a per-client basis, and offer the knowledge gained from our 20 years of accounting systems consulting. We also offer custom programming for any special need that may arise.

Venture Capital

Are you thinking start-up, expansion, or greater market penetration? Where will the money come from? Start raising capital right now! AFS aims to deliver top-quality and result-oriented service to entrepreneurs and existing businesses seeking the required funding and venture capital participation to meet their needs in the fast-changing business environment in Asia, especially China.

Crisis Management

What should you do? What actions should your take? What should you avoid doing when faced with a crisis that could ruin your company? AFS provides expert guidance to companies mired in crisis. AFS can offer company executives a wide range of solutions for any crisis. AFS professionals possess both the theoretical and practical skills for ensuring their clients have well-designed plans to deal with serious situations.


Logistics enables shippers, carriers, high-tech, consumer goods, retail and distribution, automotive, industrial, and heavy manufacturing companies to conduct business better, faster, and more efficiently - anywhere in the world. Our integrated transportation solutions technology-based and professional services - cover corporate management and contractual and spot procurement, across all modes of transportation, domestic and international. Logistics gives your business more than just a transportation solution. We give you the power to buy, sell, manage, and optimize transportation services. Better than you've ever imagined.

Taxation Consulting

To assist domestic and overseas enterprises for establishment, incorporation, annual examination and commercial registration. To assist medium or large-scale enterprises to carry out transfer of stock ownership, increase investment and enlarge shares. To act as an agency in setting up accounts, keeping accounts and declaring dutiable goods for domestic and foreign investment enterprises. To Act as an agency in the application of reduction or exemption of taxation, export for tax return. To work out taxation scheme and investment taxation planning. To make plan for annexation and division of enterprise.